Be right back.Thanks to the competing dramas demands of a house that now houses a teenager, a toddler, and a perimenopausal woman; attempts to maintain professional relationships and retain the clients of the consultancy whose office is based in said house (i.e. werk werk); ginger steps towards desperately needed renovations of same house; and alcohol, here’s a list of really awesome interesting¬†okay posts that didn’t get written over the past couple of years:

  • An amusing, and informative series of posts describing the delight of traversing Europe with an almost 2-year old
  • Cooking with a foodie toddler
  • Where are my words? Where is my mind?
  • My eldest is a teenager! Quelle horreur!
  • Brisbane alternative and not-so-alternative fashion during the 1990s
  • A manifesto explaining why the world really should adopt the concept of Universal Basic Income
  • Toilet training anecdotes (yeah, the world really needs more of these)
  • Travel is the new middle class conspicuous consumption
  • No time for writers block
  • Leisure anxiety, or how to choose your fun wisely
  • Fitspo (*just kidding*)


See ya round, sometime.