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Bubbles at home

Soda water. Oh, you wonderful thing.

We bought daddyo a Sodastream a couple of birthdays ago, and it’s ace. Bubbly stuff on tap. (If only it were Champagne.)

This preggo-dehydration thing really kicks in at the end of a Queensland summer that won’t say die, when the thermometer lies and says it’s low thirties but with humidity it may as well be 38. Plus two degrees in a prenatal bulk: you’re kicking 40. Which is 104 degrees Farenheit, my snowbound stateside followers*.

And of course by now, in Queensland, we’ve fallen out of love with summer. The romance has shrivelled. We are over it.  Holidays are a sandy memory. Work has regained toxic momentum. School days thunder along the tracks, homework battles simmering, fees payable for music/camp/sporting fees/art classes/textbook levies. We are hot and broke. Cold beer no longer thrills. (Especially if you’re off alcohol.)

But soda water on tap makes all this much sunnier.

Even if, lately, the eco joy at creating less waste via stoopid plastic bottle packaging is somewhat dampened by liberal guilt at the fact that company’s factories are in illegal settlements. (Well, at least one is.)

Ah, there’s a tangent.


Scarlett's devotion to the bubbles cost her an Oxfam ambassadorship, won her $$$

↓ Oxfam ambassadorship, ↑ $pon$or$ship

Scarlett loves her Sodastream, we know.

She’s also recently defended her role promoting the bubbly stuff, and at the same time, accused Oxfam of being involved in the BDS (boycott, divest, sanctions) movement in support of a Palestine. It’s a semantic twist that Oxfam denies.

Oh, the hairs we split. And how complex our bubbles can be.

Sorry, where were we? Oh, yes, homemade bubbly water.

If you can ignore the politics, just grab the cold water bottle out of the fridge, whack it with three squirts of the gas. Job done. These days, I drink a glass standing up, and then pour another. For the first time in my life, I relish the occasional belch.

I wish there was a fair solution for Palestine, and I really wish Sodastream’s celebrity face sounded less like a silly shiny Zionist apologist. (Not to mention her supporters: check out these comments!).

Above all, I wish I could return to our Sodastream washed clean of this inherited guilt.



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